10 Famous Tourist Destinations You Need to See in Vancouver, BC

The 10 Famous Tourist Destinations
You Need to See in Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC in Canada attracts more than 10.3 million people, consisting of both locals and tourists.
They come from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia and several other
countries. It won’t be wrong to conclude that tourism has become the bread and butter for the city,
supporting more than $70,000 full time jobs and contributing around $4.8 million to its economy.
There is also not a shortage of hotel rooms there. When it comes to tourist attractions, those are never-
ending. You will come across several tourist attractions that will draw you to the city like a magnet. Since
there are so many and you may not have time to see them all, we made it easier for you by narrowing
down the most famous tourist destinations in Vancouver, BC.

Here are just a few of the must-see tourist attractions that you cannot afford to miss:

1. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is 137 metres long (450 feet) and 70 meters high (230 feet). This tourist
destination has been around since 1889. What do people come to see when they visit the bridge park?
Apart from seeing the wobbly bridge and the mesmerising surrounding, people come to see its history,
nature, and culture. You can ask the staff about the park or read the signs that you pass by to learn
more about the park.
If you want to see the stairs, bridges, and platforms, take the Cliffwalk. Taking the Cliffwalk will be a
thrilling experience as it is supported by 16 anchor points and two glass platforms. If you are afraid of
heights, the Cliffwalk is not for you. For an informational experience, you can visit the many interactive
exhibits that show the importance for water conservation. Do not forget to take the Treetops
Adventure, which takes you 100 feet into the air on seven bridges attached to trees and suspended
above the rainforest. If you love nature and want to explore it, take the guided tour that take place
every hour.
2. Vancouver Aquarium
What will you find at the Vancouver Aquarium? Glad you asked! You will encounter more than 50,000
wonderful aquatic species! If you are in the city, why don’t you visit the aquarium to see the sea otters,
jellyfish, shark, dolphin, and more. In fact, the aquarium puts on an amazing dolphin, shark, and sea
otter shows. You can even find animals roaming around freely in the Amazon gallery. Next, you need to
go to the Treasures of the BC Coast gallery where you find exotic animals that live in the water of the
city such as the Pacific Octopus.
You can also visit the 4D Experience Theatre. If you want a more personal and one-on-one experience
with animals, you need to book Animal Encounters in advance. You will see dolphins, penguins, sea
lions, and sea otters. Other things you can enjoy there include dining at the Café, taking the kids to the
Clownfish Cove, a play area for children, and buying souvenirs from the aquatic-themed gift shop. No
matter what time of the year you visit Vancouver, this aquarium will surley entertain you.

3. Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours

Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours takes you for a ride. Ride on one of their old-fashioned cars and explore
the natural beauty of the park. Called the Storytelling Adventure, your tour guide will narrate the story
of the park and its magnificent history. This tour lasts for an hour and takes place after every 20 to 30
minutes each day. On the tour, you will see the popular Totem Poles, the Rose Garden, the Red-Cedar
forest, the Lion’s Gate Bridge, the Girl in a Wetsuit Statue, the Deadman’s Island, and the Empress of
Japan Figurehead. You will ride in a horse drawn carriage with roofs. They will provide you with lap
Each carriage can seat from two to 26 passengers. You will have to make a reservation in advance
depending on the time of the month you plan to visit the city. If you want to experience history in a new
way, this tour is perfect for you. It is both knowledgeable and enjoyable. This tour is perfect for all ages,
as it takes you around the park. If you plan to take this tour during the busy months (those would be
November to December) you need to reserve a tour in advance.

4. FlyOver Canada
FlyOver Canada, a breathtaking experience that allows you to see Canada from a different perspective. It
will take you from coast to coast across some of the country’s most amazing tourist destinations and
popular signs via a state-of-the-art flight ride technology. You will feel the wind on your face and smell
the fresh air. You can book a ride on this between 10 am to 9 pm. Located in downtown Vancouver at
Canada Place, this is the ideal place for you to see the country in a different light.
The entire tour lasts for about 25 minutes and it all starts from the UpLift. The Uplift is a wonderful and
entertaining audio-visual show that prepares you for your amazing descent into the sky. After that, you
visit the boarding zone where the guide prepares you for the ultimate flying experience. If you are not
scared of heights or you think it is time to conquer your fear of heights, you need to get on this ride and
fly high up into the air. You will not regret getting on the ride, especially after you see the wonderful
sights before you.

5. VanDusen Botanical Garden
VanDusen Botanical Garden is for nature lovers. This botanical garden is home to more than 75,000
species and varieties of plants. Take your camera with you, as you will come across several local wildlife.
Have fun spotting them and taking pictures of them as you roam the botanical garden. If you have kids,
take them with you, as they will love the hedge maze.
The entire family can sit in the park and take in the serene setting. Craving delicious food? Then dine in
at the Truffles Café or Shaughnessy Restaurant. You can sit on their patios and enjoy the nature as you
eat delicious food. Take something home with you by visiting the gift shop. Also, pay a visit to its award-
winning visitor centre.

6. Vancouver Lookout
Vancouver Lookout, situated at the Harbour Centre, will take you on an impressive journey with its
exciting 360-degree view of North Shore Mountains, Vancouver Island, and Metro Vancouver. As soon
as you get into the glass elevator, in just 40 seconds, you will begin to climb upwards the building. When
you arrive at the observation deck, you will find yourself 167 metres above sea level. Look down to see
one of the most stunning cities in the world.

In fact, you can see the entire city from where you are. The fun does not end here! You will discover and
learn more about the city. If you want more information on what else you can do in the city, you can ask
the staff who will be glad to assist you. They will tell you about the different types of activities you can
participate in and attractions you can see in the city. They also offer a complimentary tour. If you want
to know more about Vancouver, you can see the information plagues they have placed around the deck.
If you have little ones with you, they will love exploring the deck. From the deck, they can see the
giraffes in the port or lions in the mountains.

7. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is one of the most enjoyable places you can visit. The National
Geographic even named it the world’s top city garden. It is a classical Chinese garden that you can visit
at any time of the year. Covered walkways and elegant pavilions serve as dividers, separating you from
the city’s rainforest. They have imported all the notable sights to see at the garden from China such as
the koi fish, the jade green pond, tai hu rock, and old miniature trees, which are 150 years old.
Established in 1986 by three Chinese craftsman using 950 crates of traditional material and methods
from the 14 th century, this garden is a sight to see for sure. They did not use any power tools, screws, or
glue. You can even opt for a free guided tour of the garden and drink Chinese tea. You can shop for
unique souvenirs from the Eight Treasures Shop. If you have kids with you, they can partake in the
scavenger hunt. This family friendly park is fun for people of all ages.

8. Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery is for all the art lovers traveling from within and outside of Canada. Stop at this
gallery to discover different types of historical and contemporary art exhibitions that take place here!
You get a chance to see the artworks created by locals, indigenous, and internationally known artists.
The gallery has dedicated a special place for art from the Asia Pacific region via its Institute of Asian Art.
If you want, take the guided tour of the various art exhibitions. If you are an artist yourself or like to
partake in creative activities, you can visit the Weekly Family Programs that are held on Sundays.
Once you have seen all the art, you can dine in on the rooftop of the Gallery’s Café. To help you
remember your experience, you can visit Gallery Store to buy gifts for yourself and others. Each year,
they have a different exhibition. If you are visiting Vancouver and this art gallery is on your list of things
to do, you should read about the latest exhibition held there before you go.

9. Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain takes you on an incredible journey where you will get to see the beautiful city from
the air. You can sit on the aerial tram, which rises 1,250 metres (4,100 feet) in the air and is located just
15 minutes from the downtown.
This tourist destination features outdoor adventures, several dining options, and a wildlife refuge. This is
one of the most visit tourist attractions of the Lower Mainland. You can partake in both summer and
winter activities. You can enjoy an incredible number of outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing,
ice skating, and snowshoeing.

If you are headed to the city in the summer and plan to visit this destination, you can take in the
breathtaking panoramic view, go see the grizzly bears living at the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife, and
see the World Famous Lumberjack Show. If you like adventure, ride the zip line or go paragliding. You
can even ride a helicopter to see the beautiful view from an incredible height. Lastly, you need to check
out the Theatre in the Sky.

10. Science World British Columbia
Science World British Columbia is the perfect place for people who love science. You will come across
interactive displays, inspiring exhibitions, and most importantly, you will see science in action. You can
even see film in the theatre.
New events take place here on the regular. Regardless of whether or not the event spikes your interest,
if science is your first love, you will have an incredible time at the science museum. Bring your children
here so they too can learn more about science.
If you have plans to visit Vancouver, BC, the first thing you need to have even before you start listing all
the famous tourist destinations you want to visit is: travel insurance. Since most of the activities take
place outdoors or in the air, travel insurance becomes a must for both people visiting from within and
outside of the country. Contact us today so we can help you obtain travel insurance.

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