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The world is amazing!
It’s time to plan a nice trip, perhaps I’ve been dreaming for a long time. I love to travel to new and exotic places, experiencing a new culture, meeting new people and much more to do. Out of all craziness and excitement, I do take a lot of time to do the packing for having a safe and healthy trip. My goal is to have fun but without travel-related illness, some are minor and some very serious infectious diseases. Sometimes in all the rush we forget to packed consider simple things from our routine but if we follow healthy travel tips, we will feel a lot more comfortable and ready to face any situation. When I travel I do consider little and simple precautions to maintain a healthy travel lifestyle when heading abroad. It’s always good to plan, to stay informed and to be prepared for unexpected illnesses. It doesn’t mean go crazy and carry everything with you but planning is important, use luggage with built-in wheels, consider your destination weather and length of stay.

My healthy lifestyle obsession never let me fall sick and I do double-check my medical kit to have enough medications, the proper vaccinations and contact my medical insurance provider about my insurance coverage. It’s important to focus on a healthy travel routine when eating abroad, keep the immune system boosted with healthy food as when we travel sometimes we may or not able to find a healthy food store and snacks or to connect with locals we try different regional food. Honestly dining out is a wonderful point, to eating delicious and unusual foods but to stay healthy whole real food, healthy snack, low sugar bar best to take care of personal hygiene.

Don’t overexert if anyhow flying into a high elevation, keep hydrated and carry eat thick-skinned fruit and vegetables that we can peel our self, food cooked thoroughly and eat it while it’s hot. During this humid acclimate to a new climate we have high a risk for altitude sickness, you lose a lot of water from sweat. We need to consider, the risk of heatstroke or sunburn by keeping ourselves out of direct exposure of sun, wearing a hat, cover under light cotton cloths, instead of drink ice water stay stick to sealed bottled water and cans. In my advice when there is will there is always a way between finding a way around and enjoying the trip with having lots of fresh fruits, drink plenty of water traveling, carry small bags instead of big suitcases, stay mindful, have a natural source of melatonin or jet lag promoting healthy sleep. The great thing all for the best trip to take proper rest, to have an immune system to fight sickness and disease in a better way.

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