Bancroft, Ontario

In my experience, if you spend the time to explore Bancroft Ontario, you will fall in love with this small town. This place is famous among tourist for its electrical sites and lots of things to do all long 365 days. Once you know about the cool stuff to do at Bancroft Ontario, you will plan long vacations in Bancroft. This is a place that’s a whole package for family, group of friends looking for adventure, romantic sparkling sites for couples. They’re going to be lots of events and favorite things are major attractions.

Silent Lake Ontario

Lake is amazing! It’s a place having a huge range of activities for everyone including camping, canoeing, mountain biking or hiking. Silent Lake Camping is very popular among couples for the most scenic beauty and very peaceful site for nature lovers. During the summer the trails offer a combination of relaxing forest walks and in the winter, many of these trails are converted to cross-country ski trails. The silent lake is one of the most picturesque parks with beautiful beach with clean water to swim.

Eagle’s Nest

Its unique park offering a variety of flora and fauna, animals and birds and a breath-taking view of the York River Valley. A great place to visit for a picnic, full of excitement to explore beautiful fall whole year while having the tastiest food at the eagle’s nest restaurant. Eagles Nest Park has pavilions, benches, and softball fields that are very well maintained.

 Egan Chutes Provincial Park

The power of the water rushing through these chutes is absolutely breathtaking.  A short walk along With beautiful waterfalls within the nature reserve. It’s a waterway class provincial park, with nature reserve zone components that give an excellent view to do photography surrounding soil to be abundant with fruits, flowers, and minerals.

Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop and Mineral Museum

You going to love this place, have rocks, worldwide minerals, fossils specimens and artifacts made of precious gems and materials. You saw lots of kids going through the piles of rocks picking and  Mining. During my visit to this mine rock shop, I was so excited with their little safety glasses, gloves and buckets to mine and exploring different fossils specimens. Visiting the mineral museum of Canada you will get impressed by their unique geographical collection, beautiful mineral samples. This is an amazing place to learn and explore vivid crystalline structures and their chemical formula without getting bored.

The village playhouse

The Playhouse is a great place having lots of special events year-round. Musical acts, theatre, and film from all over the country perform in its beautiful auditorium; galas, fundraisers, and special events. Great location, you going to wander around the picturesque village, exploring their shops and foods to taste their delicious beverage houses.

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