What Medical Costs in Canada Should Visitors Be Aware of When Planning a Visit to Canada?

Becoming suddenly sick in Canada can make your trip go from an enjoyable tour to one of the
worst times of your life within seconds. The medical costs in Canada are high for visitors
arriving in the country from abroad.

The Medical Costs in Canada

In Canada, you can expect to pay anywhere around $3,500 to $5,000 each day. Imagine the
medical bill you will run if you are admitted to a hospital or intensive care unit in the country. If
you stay in a medical facility is prolonged, you may find yourself financially drained.

Did You Know You Can Avoid Paying Such a Large Sum of Money?

You need to buy either Super Visa Insurance or Visitors to Canada Insurance prior to travelling
to Canada. Even though you can buy it after you arrive in the country, it might limit your
coverage. To be on the safe side, it is highly recommended to buy travel insurance before you
are due to travel.

How Much Medical Insurance Coverage Should You Get?

According to Immigration Canada, visitors should have at least $100,000 in medical insurance
coverage. Your insurance coverage will go into immediate effect as soon as you step into the
country and will cover you for the remainder of your stay.
If you break a bone, tear a ligament, get your wisdom tooth extracted, or develop a serious
medical condition that needs you to visit the hospital, your travel insurance — Super Visa or
Visitors to Canada Insurance — will kick in.

Who Should Get Travel Insurance?

You need to obtain travel insurance if you are a temporary resident such as students, non-
resident such as parents and grandparents, returning to the country, or have immigrated to the
country. Obtaining medical insurance is key in helping you pay for any sudden medical costs
that come about in the event you develop a medical condition, which requires a trip to the
hospital along with other medical expenses.

What Are Some of the Benefits that You Will Receive Under Health
Some of the benefits that you will receive under the Super Visa Insurance and Visitors to
Canada Insurance Coverage include:

 Emergency hospital, medical, and
 Dental emergency
 Follow-up visits to the hospital
 Out of the pocket medical expenses
 Return of the deceased
 And more

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