Visitors to Canada Insurance — Why, Benefits, Limitations, and Problems

Going to Canada to visit your loved ones is great, until you suddenly find yourself being rushed to the
hospital. Of course, none of us imagine becoming sick while on vacation, but we can also not ignore the
fact that it a very real possibility.
Why be careless with your money when you can save your money? Why deplete your bank account? Do
not take a risk with either your money or life. If you end up spending a day or more in the hospital, you
will find yourself paying for medical expenses that incur for most of your life.
You might even have to lean on others for financial support. Is that something you want? We do not
think so.

What Can You Do to Save Money on Unexpected Medical Expenses in
Visitors arriving to Canada need to obtain Visitors to Canada Insurance from an insurance company
within the country. You need to obtain travel insurance before you arrive to Canada. Even though you
can do it upon your arrival, it will benefit you more if you do it beforehand. In the event you contract an
illness on your trip, you can schedule an appointment with a doctor to examine you and provide you
with prescription medication, if necessary.
Without travel insurance in hand, you will form a tension headache, as you will know that you will be
paying for the medical expenses out of your pocket. You can prevent all of this! The prevention measure
is as simple as getting Visitors to Canada Insurance.
We know the “Why,” now, we need to know about the various benefits, limitations, and problems
related to it.

Main Benefits of Travel Insurance
With travel insurance, you receive an incredible number of benefits. What are those benefits, you ask?
We would not like to waste your time and get right into it, as you will need to apply for this insurance
before you visit the country.
In fact, it should be the first thing on your agenda of things to do. But first, let us tell you the various
benefits of travel insurance:

1. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
God forbid this happens, but if it does, your emergency medical insurance coverage will pay for the
expenses. If an accident happens, which leads to one losing their life or losing a limb, it can interrupt
their financial security. Unfortunate events do take place, and the best you can do is be prepared for
We can be cautious, but in the end, they are unpreventable and unavoidable. You also do not have to
stress about transportation. Medical coverage insurance will cover the costs of transportation whether
it is via airplane, helicopter, train, bus, boat, or emergency vehicle. In addition to this, they will cover the
transportation costs of flying your loved one back to their country in the event of an untimely passing.
2. Medical Emergency

Medical emergency can constitute as being admitted to the hospital or visiting a clinic or hospital for
emergency treatment. If a medical emergency strikes, Visitors to Canada Insurance will provide you with
comprehensive coverage when you are away from your home country.
It will pay for a percentage of your medical expenses. If you fail to purchase medical coverage, you will
find yourself financially drained. Therefore, make things easier for yourself and eliminate the stress by
buying medical coverage before you are set to arrive in Canada.
Other Benefits
Apart from providing visitors with emergency hospital and medial care coverage, it also includes
accommodation and meals, important phone calls, taxi fares, and childcare costs. It also provides you
with medical coverage if you are leaving Canada, given that most of your stay is in the Canada. You can
even return to your home country with your travel insurance intact.
You will not lose your medical coverage when you go back to your home country. This will save you
ample time, as you will not have to apply for medical coverage upon returning to Canada, as it will go
into effect automatically when you land in Canada. More importantly, there is no mandatory
What Does Visitors to Canada Insurance Pay for During a Medical

Medical coverage will pay for the following things if you develop an illness or injure yourself during your
trip to Canada:
 Emergency hospital visit, admission, and check up
 Accidental dental
 Follow-up visits to the doctor
 Dental emergency

The Types of Medical Professionals You Will Have Access To
You will have access to the following medical professionals:

 Chiropractor
 Osteopath
 Chiropodist
 Podiatrist
 Acupuncturist
 Physiotherapist
 Physician
 Surgeon

Are You Eligible for Medical Insurance Coverage?
You are eligible for medical insurance coverage if you are visiting Canada, you are a Super Visa applicant,
you have recently immigrated to Canada, you are a Canadiancitizen who is returning to the country and
are waiting for your Government Health Insurance Plan to go into effect.

For immigrants and citizens returning to Canada, this travel insurance will only provide them medical
coverage during emergencies. However, they should still apply for medical emergency insurance
coverage, as something is better than nothing.

The Limitations of Medical Insurance Coverage

One of the primary limitations of travel insurance is for pre-existing medical conditions. If you have a
pre-existing condition, you need to make the insurance company aware of it. On the other hand, there
are instances where the insurance company will provide medical coverage will cover your pre-existing
conditions, given the following is true for you:

 High Blood Pressure — If you have kept your high blood pressure under control using
prescription medication with no change in the dose and no admission to the hospital in the last one
year, you will receive coverage for your pre-existing medical condition.

 All Pre-existing Medical Conditions—If you have a pre-existing medical condition, but you
have not sought any new treatment for it or have a change in the dose of your prescription medical
along with no change in medical treatment, you have not suffered from frequent or serious
symptoms, no new test show a change in your medical condition, no investigations have been
conducted for symptoms whether or not doctors have identified your medical condition, you have
not been admitted to the hospital, and you have not been referred to a specialist for further medical
treatment, you will receive medical coverage for your pre-existing condition.

You will only receive Visitors to Canada Insurance if you meet all the standard eligibility requirements.
Some of the reasons you may not qualify for medical coverage include being found inadmissible, refused
entry to Canada, and denied a visa to Canada.

“If we are supposed to buy travel insurance prior to travelling to Canada, what happens if the country
refuses entry to us?”

In situations like these, you should discuss with your insurance company on the possibility of that
happening and what will happen to the money you paid for buying medical coverage for your trip to

Most insurance company understand that a possibility of being refused a visa to Canada exists, which is
why most offer a 100% refund. When you are talking to the insurance agent, you can discuss this in
more detail on the steps they would take in the event the Government of Canada denies them entry
into the country.

What Problems Exist with Buying Medical Coverage?
Some of the most common questions asked by visitors wanting to buy medical insurance coverage is
who is responsible for buying travel insurance, is it a must for the host to buy travel insurance when
receiving a guest from another country and should there be a lien on the host’s house. Let us answer
these frequently asked questions for you.

The applicant, applying for a visa to Canada, is responsible for buying travel insurance, not the host.
Unless you are applying for a visa to Canada, medical insurance is usually not a mandatory requirement,
but the Government of Canada encourages visitors to purchase it before they arrive to the country.
If your parents or grandparents are coming to Canada on Super Visa Insurance, the Government of
Canada has made it a mandatory requirement for them to have valid medical insurance coverage.
Otherwise, they will not be eligible for Super Visa Insurance.
The Government of Canada requires your loved ones to have a minimum of $100,000 of medical
coverage for at least one year. The host is not responsible for buying travel insurance for them, as the
applicant will do that on their own, but they are responsible for showing the Government of Canada that
they will be financially supporting them while they are living in the country with them.
If you have lien on your house, this can create a problem for you. Since you need to show proof of
income and financial documents that you can provide financial support for your parents or grandparents
visiting the country, a lien on the house will decrease your chances of calling them over.
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) places a lien on your house if you have considerable outstanding tax
debts. If you owe a big amount to the CRA, they have the right to place a lien on your home to secure
their debt.
You will need to pay them to get the lien off your home or sell your home to repay the debts or file a
consumer proposal. If you want to call your parents or grandparents to Canada, you need to ensure you
pay off your tax debts in a timely manner.
If You Want to Invite Your Loved Ones to Join You in Canada for a Few Month or Years, You Can Start
the Application Process for Visitors to Canada Insurance or Super Visa Insurance

You will need to start off the application process by sending a letter of invitation, which should include

 Complete name
 Address and phone number
 The purpose of the vacation
 Your relationship to the person
 The duration of their stay
 How the person will support
themselves while in Canada
 When they will leave Canada
You also need to provide information about yourself and should include your:
 Complete name
 Address and telephone number in Canada

 Job role
 If you are a Canadian citizen or
permanent citizen
 Document to proof your status in
 Details of your family
 The number of people living with you
If you are applying for Super Visa Insurance for parents or grandparents, you only need to provide the
 A written and signed document where you are promising to provide them with financial support
during the duration of their stay in Canada
 Proof that your income meets or is more than the low income cut off for the people living with
you in your house, including your parents and grandparents who are visiting you from another

Permanent Canadian residents and citizens going the Super Visa Insurance to call their parents and
grandparents over should apply for it through an insurance company in Canada. It is necessary for them
to ensure their loved ones have the insurance they need to minimise medical costs in the event of an

Even if your siblings are coming for a visit to Canada, you should ask them to apply for Visitors to Canada
Insurance. It is not necessary that they fall sick on their trip, but the “what if” will still bother you. What
is you become sick suddenly while in Canada for instance.

Contact an Insurance Company to Ask Them More About Visitors to Canada Insurance and Super Visa Insurance Coverage.

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