Moving to Canada? Read up

If you’re moving to Canada there are many things that you should be prepared for.

Baby its cold outside.

It can get really cold really fast. If you’ve opened the door to a sunny day in the morning, don’t be reassured, it can change anytime, on usual days even if the temperature isn’t that low, the wind usually makes it cold. So be prepared for wearing layers and layers of clothes and invest in a good winter jacket.

It Rains… Like a lot…

Sunny days usually point towards an oncoming rainstorm. Keeping an umbrella handy is the wisest decision around. Other things like waterproof shoes and bags might prove to be really great investments.

You will get sick

With the fluctuating weather, extream cold and ward waves you’re most likely to fall sick in your first few weeks to Canada. Packing basic medicines from home always comes in handy. Having a good health insurance plan also saves the day; so don’t forget to get one for yourself.

Ice-Ice Baby

That nice runny puddle on the sidewalk that looks like water and makes you want to splash while walking isn’t water at all, its molten snow that has frozen back and now is just a highly slippery surface that YOU WILL SLIP AND FALL. so avoid those when you’re walking around in the city.

There’s support available

Whatever you do just don’t feel alone, we all have those days where we are feeling low and our situations are pushing us down even further, it’s okay; you’re not alone, reach out online to the many communities that are at your disposal. Remember that people are willing to help, all you gotta do is ask for help.

The Government is helpful

The provincial government has funds set aside for newcomers, to help people like you and me settle down and start a new life. Don’t shy away from enrolling yourself into career foundations and employment groups, as many of them are funded by the government and are really good.


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