Cambridge, Ontario

I heard a lot about this beautiful city, there are lots of things to explore. If you are looking for a good time with your family this is the best destination. I would like to share my experience of how this city lots of historical landmarks, natural sights, and culturally rich inheritance keep the charm of the tourist to visit again. It’s a very affordable city in comparison to others, so you don’t need to worry much about expenses and can more focus on having a fun time with family. You will love to see how beautifully they managed the old architectural heritage, for example, I was astonished to see how the municipal historic buildings are built up directly from the river’s edge. 

 Then there is as Cambridge’s largest community park, Riverside Park with the best place for hiking, play soccer, nice picnic spots where you can spend quality time with family. you can spend the whole day in Tennis courts and a children’s splash pad, you will find lots of things to do at this community park. To know more about Cambridge history, how could I miss historic McDougall, this is granite cottage take you back to the Scottish cottage and culture. There you find the fine hand-painted friezes, ceilings, fantastic architecture heading to garden with magnificent flowers and plants.

Cambridge is an ideal destination for me to do hiking, Canoeing, kayaking, fishing, biking, and much more in one city where there are more than 100 parks. There are 20 km hiking riverside hiking trails, pond trails, parkland trails, and woodland trails. There are lots of museums, an art gallery that people of all place will love it. The Cambridge butterfly conservative is one of the place where there are over 40 species of butterflies and moths, next you would love the Gouldian Finch and Pintail Whydah to check out exotic birds.

If your art lover does visit Queen Square Gallery and Preston Gallery to have contemporary art, or if you are looking for special exhibitions do visit riverside galley for architecture and designs, displaying wall handing and furniture. Not just this while walking around the grand river you will have a magnificent nature view of a 130-year old living oak tree plus you can admire the sculpture by local artists. After visiting all these places I was inspired to try my hand on art, make some pottery, and try some dancing moves at the Cambridge center for the arts. Even the Cambridge center for the arts offers multiple art programs like dance, acting, artist, writers, and potters, etc. If we are talking about dance how can forget the music, there is no dance without music. I visited the Dunfield theatre to enjoy live music shows with top-quality acoustics, not just this you will find fascinating attractions, wonderful architecture, exquisite restaurants, etc. Then I headed to Shade’s Mills for canoeing, swimming, and sports fishing. This place is best during winters to do snowshoeing, ice fishing and cross-country skiing the complete package of fun and adventure.

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