Woodstock, Ontario

If you guys looking for some thrill and adventure oncoming vacation, then Woodstock Ontario is a destination for you. There are so many reasons to convince you to plan a trip to Woodstock for historic walks, enjoy museums, embrace the culture, adventure hiking trails and this clean greener city offers a lot more for you and your family. Woodstock is an all-season pleasant destination for culture and heritage lovers, shopaholics to discover a wide range of stores and boutiques,  art and music lovers for theatre, art gallery, museum, annual events i.e. Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, the Wood Show, Cowapolooza and more. It’s a great city to have nice weekend away from the hustle-bustle of the crowded city.

Museum an Art Galleries


Let’s start with the Woodstock art gallery, displaying amazing art plus wonderful pertinent collection by Florence Carlyle.  This two-floor art gallery featuring the work from local artists from the 1800s, national and work of international artists. Then heading to Woodstock museum national historic site where you can have a scoop of rich history, Woodstock’s past by exploring the selection of exhibits that has their own stories. Not only this Woodstock has beautiful Chateau La Motte, a historic mansion or guest house which is a uniquely designed heritage site and welcomes guests from all over the world. To get more close to the history of Woodstock old St. Paul’s Anglican Church is the best destination dated back June 29, 1834, gravesites of many of our first settlers.

Hiking and many Trails

Woodstock has the most popular parks and many hiking trails featuring skate park, gazebo, concession stands, picnic areas, large pond, and dam, for example, Southside Park. The Southside Park is 60 acres park that is home to local wildlife with plenty of shady spots to sit and picnic spot to spend some relax time with family. For more adventure, Pittock Conservation Area is best to have venturesome camping experience, hiking, boating, fishing, biking, bird-watching, rent canoes or kayaks to paddle around the lake. Then there is the Millennium Trail System at the banks of the Thames Rivers and the Pines Trails for hiking and bike riding lovers, have a beautiful and peaceful experience alongside colorful birds and wildlife.

Spring Bank Snow Countess Monument

This life-size concrete statue, at the corner of Dundas and Spring Bank, is designed by local artist Ross Butler. in the honor record-setting milk producing Holstein Friesian cow. Over there you can sit and enjoy the stone monuments of the cow and beautiful green park to relax.

Woodstock Village

The festival’s four organizers planned for a rural experience based in the art colony of Woodstock. Tickets were printed. Posters bearing the iconic bird and guitar were ready when the town, famously home to Bob Dylan and The Band rescinded its permission. So, stay in the village of Woodstock if you will but be prepared for the trek to the Bethel Woods Woodstock Anniversary celebrations.

One of a Kind Antique Mall

You will love this place, one of the largest antique malls filled to the capacity with antiques at affordable prices. For exploring these 3 floors an amazing old warehouse you should go with some extra time to check every single booth. There is also a large selection of live edge wood at the back of the mall along with vintage and retro. this antique mall has everything that attracts you i.e. old things, newly crafted or repurposed items, some antiques, records, and CDS galore, furniture, toys, jewelry, glassware, etc.

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