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Montreal has the highest rate of restaurants, the more you explore it exceeds your expectations. Montreal with culinary delights from smoked meat to poutiness, amazing Italian to something Japanese, from fine French to delicious Thai and from Haitian fares to Spanish tapas. Every restaurant in Montreal is prolific and exciting to taste classic Montreal bagel to the authentic flavor of Sri Lankan spices. I know it’s hard to believe, Montreal has all flavors around the world and more difficult to select the best out of all where to eat, where to drink, suggest the same to family and friends. In my family of 7,  all have different tastes, sometimes even they don’t know what they want to eat. As we all love trying different food so, hope into the boat of the delightful journey of iconic restaurants in Montreal.


This is one of the top five rated restaurants in Montreal, the famous Syrian food with stunning decor to the drool-worthy menu from a variety of cuisine pistachio fried kibbe to Syrian baba ghannouj, charcoal-grilled dishes to braised dishes, meat to the best seafood. This restaurant has everything to most people’s inclination ranges from delicious food to perfect charmed by the staff.

Le Vin Papillon

Out of 100 restaurants, it’s also ranked top 5 in Canada, famous for their innovative style cooking i.e. Decadent ham with paired with the roasted caramel flavors. It’s one of the top-rated licensed bars divided into two parts one where you can just have drinks and the second one where you can taste their delicious food along with cocktails. They specialize in vegetable dishes but serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Le Mousso

The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art’s restaurant has a beautiful blend of ingenuity and creativity by the head chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard. They crafted each dish on the 13-course tasting menu like art and served in handmade ceramic bowls paired with the perfect wine.

Le Majestique

This Le Majestique has a lot to talk from home-made bun to fresh meat, fine dining combined with an exciting atmosphere, foot-long hot dog to an oyster bar, all creations by Charles-Antoine Crète. Everybody loves to know their fabulous collection of cocktails, beers and affordable wines.

La capital tacos and Leméac & L’express

For the authentic Mexican food la capital tacos and for classical French Leméac & L’express are the best ones with their unique flavors and variety of menu. At la capital tacos, every single dish is rich in flavor ranges from Mexican Jicama salad to their homemade salsa, tacos to refried beans. Where in Leméac everything is served with ceremonial aplomb on white linen tablecloths, has flawless classical menu has the calf liver, salmon, or beef tartare, grilled Cornish hen, and hanger steak? Traditional French-style breakfast at L’express is the best thing to start a day with crispy baguettes and cornichons with juicy house-made Toulouse sausage served over the silkiest mashed potatoes. Not just this L’express has pure French decor and has the best collection of French wine that they pair with their bistro’s classic Parisian menu.

Italian Eatery

Chez Sophie, Ristorante Beatrice, Da Vinci Ristorante Bis and are the blend of modern French to classical Italian dishes with the fresh and elegant ambiance that gives a refined twist to flavors with the gluten-free pasta & vegetarian choices, in a homey & elegant space. Un Po’ Di Più, a stylish Italian cafe severe imaginative plates that combine with Parisian elegance. In case want a taste of farm fresh ingredients of Italy Mon Lapin is mouthwatering dishes with tasteful selection of natural wines is the best wine bar. For refined Italian dining  Moleskine that serves wood-oven pizza to ice-cream, every single bite at Moleskine will scroll down to the memory lane.

Fairmount Bagel & St-Viateur Bagel and Juliette et Chocolat

Fairmount Bagel & St-Viateur Bagel both serves the best bagel or we can say it as Montreal signature food. Juliette et Chocolat serves a menu filled with luscious treats and decadent chocolate desserts range from waffles, cakes, and pastries.

Ma Poule Mouillée and Wilensky’s Light Lunch

For best Portuguese food in Montreal visit Ma Poule Mouillée, epically for their delicious grill chicken that they cook over charcoal and add peri-peri sauce for more pretty flavor. Ma Poule Mouillée is also famous for its custard tart known as a pastel de nata and the unique version of chorizo, São Jorge cheese, and chopped rotisserie chicken. Wilensky’s Light Lunch has world-famous sandwiches, the popular lunch spot for most of the Montreal’s to have grilled bologna sandwiches and beef salami with fresh ingredients, where you can also have the option to add Swiss or American cheese.

La Banquise

No trip will complete without tasting famous Canadian food poutines at La Banquise French fries with lashings of cheese curds and brown gravy. Though its topping can range from mushrooms to spicy kimchi or with Foie-Gras like heaven on earth. La Banquise is one of my favorite places offering 30 different varieties of poutine like a hot dog poutine adorned with hot dog slices, Elvis poutine with ground beef, peppers, and mushrooms, that’s salty, gooey-greasy, soggy – the ideal dish to give nice treat to my taste buds.

L’Atelier Joël Robuchon and L’Île Flottante

L’Atelier Joël Robuchon is the best place where the and internationally renowned chef Joël Robuchon serves up innovative, exciting and delicious food on several menus. And second Île Flottante where Les Deux Singes, and serves tasty food from the playful menu the same as La Diperie did with their menu. La Diperie has one flavor of soft-serve ice cream that they serve with a different base coat of ice-cream from dark chocolate, green tea, apple pie, gingerbread, cinnamon, and lemon poppyseed and toppings range from sprinkles, pretzels, Oreos, pistachios, coconut, etc.

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