The Endless Adventure at Montreal, Canada

Ah, Stunning!

Montreal, biggest city in the Quebec region with the French province of Canada. There is much to do and much to see in this unique destination. Montreal is the second-largest in all Canada, bilingualism and multiculturalism city with 400 years of history. Though its third most expensive city in Canada, it’s phenomenal to see the fusion of French, Scottish, Irish and North American culture all under one roof. Montreal is a fun city, offers the best nightclubs, music concerts, lively shows, fascinating performances, festivals, plus food. Montreal hosts a variety of cool festivals divided into two seasons: Summer and winter. the warm, humid summer offers festivals like Chromatic Festival, Piknic Électronik to Mile Ex End Montréal etc and Cold, icy winter offers Yul Eat one of my favorites to the annual exhibition of Gem and Mineral Show, the lot more.  Let’s start the endless adventure in Montreal, Canada.

Vieux-Montreal or the Old Town

Vieux port de Montreal or the Old Town is the oldest part of the city with a French-speaking population. The Old Montreal is a great place for historic feel with a collection of the fantastic architecture and cobblestone streets at St Paul streets, Place Jacques Cartier will take back you into the 19th century, underneath the history museum and an antique tunnel, etc. Vieux port de Montreal is a great place along the river on the pathways of the port area for a lazy jaunt like my brother to relax, fishing, ice skates and walk along the waterfront in winter. Strolling down the street to explore more will be a wonderful idea to understand the history and the culture, check high ends stores to shop to Bonsecours Market, the oldest and the biggest market in Montreal.

Notre- Dame Basilica and St. Joseph Oratory

It’s worth visiting the Notre-Dame Basilica to look at the magnificent beauty, admire its stunning interior decor of the church,  marvel stone sanctuary, statues, gold-adorned altar and the stained glass. There is a strikingly beautiful chapel at the back, that’s where Celine Dion got married. It’s more at the Notre-Dame Basilica, occasionally choirs put on ethereal music performances and their magnificent light shows mesmerized the visitors. St. Joseph Oratory is one of the country’s most popular National Historic Site and biggest church in Canada. It receives over 2 million visitors yearly, attracts many pilgrims, but one has to climb this roman catholic basilica with 283 steps to reach the top.


It’s wonderful to catch u sunshine at the top of Mont-Royal ‘mountain’, Mont-Royal mountain has a fantastic view, offers adventurous hiking and the Belvedere observatory offers amazing views of downtown Montreal, the many monuments in the park, and to see Lac-aux-Castors and see the Adirondack Mountains over in the US. Mont-Royal is 765 feet above the city’s best place to hang out, plus you can smoke weed while hanging around the mountain. so, you going to be confused you are high by default having weed or by the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain.

Rue Sherbrooke

Heading to the main street of Montreal is the best way to enlighten with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, McCord Museum, Musée D’art Contemporain & Musée des Beaux-arts and world-famous Biodome near to the botanical garden. The garden is a fun spot for kids to explore Japanese, Chinese and Alpine gardens, the perfect place to spend an afternoon in thematic green louse. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), has an incredible permanent collection for over 44,000 artworks and temporary exhibitions. It’s a fascinating museum with creative hands-on events in a beautiful modernist space. Musée D’art Contemporain De Montréal  (MAC)/ Musée des Beaux-Arts, the oldest museum with a collection of over 7,000 artworks including visual works & innovative international art, paintings, sculptures, and modern arts. This museum has many interactive and immersive exhibits indoor and outdoor art pieces with the long history of Montreal at the McCord Museum of Canadian History.

Jean-Talon and Atwater market

The bustling Jean-Talon and Atwater market is the best place to hanging out while enjoying the art déco building along with having delicious fresh food. An excellent place to make your taste buds say WOOW! After having fresh cheese, seafood, pastries, meat from a variety of vendors and ice wines. You will wander finding lots of shops, restaurants, and bars at such an affordable price.


No trip will complete without tasting famous Canadian food Poutine French fries with lashings of cheese curds and brown gravy. Though its topping can range from mushrooms to spicy kimchi or with Foie-Gras like heaven on earth. La Banquise is one of my favorite places offering 30 different varieties of Poutine that’s salty, gooey-greasy, soggy – the ideal dish to give nice treat to my taste buds.

La Ronde

La Ronde is a stunning amusement park that covers 591,000m² on St Hélène Island. This theme park is a perfect place for all ages, has 41 attractions, 10 roller coasters, 3 water attractions. It has more in their menu starting the Fright Festival (Halloween celebration) in October from thrill rides to entertainment shows, restaurants to candy shops, beaver tails to wickets banking and gift shop to arcades and many more games.

Underground City RESO/ La Ville Souterraine

Sprawling Underground City is the largest of its kind in the world with over 20 miles (32 km) of tunnels, mezzanine levels, and public spaces. Don’t miss this interesting underground shopping center, connecting over 1,000 retailers, a multitude of shopping malls, eateries, restaurants, train stations, hotels, and subways all together. this “Underground City” has unique architect, fountains, public squares and art installations throughout with the world’s biggest retail names, featuring DKNY, Prada, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana.

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