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World-class restaurants and hubs of food courts serve mouth-watering cuisines. with every bite, you will few things to say “One of the best meals, I never had it from so long”. At every corner at Woodstock, you will find healthy, nutritious meals that will have left an everlasting influence on your taste buds.

Fritzie’s Drive-In and Miss Woodstock: From perfect breakfast to traditional dinner, hamburgers and fries to grilled potatoes with bacon and sausage, hams and eggs. everything is so perfect at a reasonable price. having the plus point of clean & neat place with a friendly environment that you love to refer these restaurants to friends and family.

Piccadilly Restaurant: If you are the type of person who likes homemade food then this restaurant dated back to 1987 is going to be your first preference. This restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Woodstock, where the menu is having all that you like to eat with the same flavors of homemade meals.

Six Thirty-Nine and Montana’s BBQ & Bar: It’s worth visiting this restaurant to have tasteful dining at a reasonable price. I love their salad and fries those where so fresh and well presented with a beautiful smile while serving. It’s a family-owned and operated small business, focus on local, refined dishes. Canadian BBQ flavor across burgers, steaks, and sandwiches, along with a perfect place to have nice dining with the whole family. As my whole family had a good quality time while enjoying their mainstream meal and excellent service.

The Banana Leaf, Crispy’s Fish 7 Chips, Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse: It’s some pricy and not enough portion of food is served in single-serving but worth visiting once at least. sometimes its worst spending money on outstanding food and at Kelsey’s original roadhouse my brother enjoyed their steak, well cooked and so yummy that my brother wants to make another order. 

Dean Michael’s Griddle House Inc: If you just get bored of all that usual breakfast, try the twist of this restaurant. It is having a unique menu that serves Hawaiian pizza omelet with excellent serving, and my brother orders fresh fruits with whipped cream that he never had before but their unique menu was fascinating to him.

Upper Thames Brewing Company: Enjoy delicious Poutine and hot dogs and chill outdoorsy atmosphere and rustic décor will inspire your relaxation over a game of foosball. I love their cheese/charcuterie board Cons, small-batch brews as well as their flagship Belgian Blonde, IPA and Brown Ale.

Farmers Market: If you love to collect some memories from every single trip then you will have lots of things to buy for your collection like local honey, sustainably grown meat and vegetables from an eco-farm and naturally handcrafted soaps. Don’t get disappointed by this you will have a lot more to explore from this market like cheese, bakery, baked goods, wine, crafts, and flowers.

Scotch and Lace: Lots to see and if you are a collector, there you going to find this beautiful new addition. Beautiful clothes and purses, locally made products such as soaps as well as an assortment of handmade jewelry. Places like this are hard to find but their pink iconic door makes it a little easier.

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