Vancouver, Canada

I’m excited about my trip to Vancouver this month, as this going to be two weeks’ vacation, a longer than my usual trip. The most interesting thing about this trip I don’t need a tour guide, I did my home-work very well to explore this beautiful dark blue ocean city by myself, the city having three world-class mountains, 100’s of parks and thousands of hiking trails, one of the world largest sea walls and countless river and lakes to explore. It’s a perfect place for nature lovers like me, this vibrant cosmopolitan city has awesome natural landscapes and beaches. Don’t judge me as flagging & slothful who just going to sit and relax during this whole trip. I have my plans for some incredible thrills and adventure including ski, cycle, hiking, kayak through pristine wilderness. 

What if you guys are also confused about where to go on vacation this time, after reading all about Vancouver you guys join me at Vancouver, the most incredible multicultural city with hundreds of options to do under our budget from 5-star restaurant to entertainment. From a historical tour at Gastown, for an excellent shopping spot with European eateries to chic loft apartments and cocktail lounges. Gastown is famous after a historical figure is known as “gassy jack” and for the cobbled streets with fascinating buildings and flashy boutiques, it’s home to many artists and galleries, music venues, and historic sites. While exploring the interesting sights in Gastown, I am going to do some window shopping at souvenir shops. Then according to my schedule, I will make a move to artsy Granville Island to work on appetite, as no journey will be complete without food. And who wants to miss the opportunity to have sipped on premium teas, fine chocolates and much more at a fabulous indoor market. The Granville Island has lots of lots of restaurants, over 25 bars and clubs, not just this, at Granville I will do some shopping for my loved one’s from unique shops, brewery, a distillery, a sake house because of its good place with hundreds of options for all budget type. Even I read Granville Island also houses the Emily Carr Art campus, several theatres, and scores of art galleries and studios which lures an arty, hipster crowd. 

How can miss talk about Capilano Suspension Bridge, this 440-ft long suspension over the Capilano river going to be an awesome experience to walk over this historic bridge, famous for fabulous hiking spots, swimming holes, breathtaking waterfalls of course, and glorious view? After having the wonderful morning at Capilano Suspension Bridge, I will visitVancouverart galleries, museums, and botanical gardens i.e. Vancouver Art Gallery to see Canada’s well-known art and 22 acres Vancouver’s Van Dusen Botanical Gardens to Museum Of Anthropology that offers up a mosaic of Aboriginal works, both ancient and contemporary. Then we will visit Vancouver Aquarium to see their 70,000 creatures, from the Arctic to the Amazon and 166 aquatic displays featuring a diverse array of dolphins, sea otters, beluga whales, anacondas, sloths, eels, sea lions, eels and more.

I want to spend more of my time in the outdoors, my bucket list is full of exploring the beautiful views of the city, parks, beaches, gardens, etc. The beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park to have sky view by sky train or bus from downtown to 100 meters long Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge provides 360-degree views of all the Squamish region at Sea-to-Sky Gondola. One thing that I never going to miss from my bucket list is to take a Seaplane Flight to have the prettiest view of glaciers, rugged mountains, and snowcapped peaks and Grouse Mountain for incredible views to skiing or snowboarding. 874 hectares of pristine forest and manicured trails to run at Pacific Spirit Regional Park and Stanley Park to walk along the seawall spotting sea life or cycle around an old-growth forest. From there, I can visit ancient Aboriginal village sites, lounge around a rose garden, to lakes and monuments. Moreover, there going to be the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Stanley Park, to have a wonderful view of the city, have boats, birds and maybe even some whales. The landscape and fabulous beaches around Vancouver like Sunset beach, Kitsilano, Buntzen, Aloette, Coquitlam, Jericho, and Spanish Banks perfect to sunbathe and hangout. The charming 20 sq miles Bowen Island, can be explored on foot, bicycle or by renting a scooter. This island has a lot to offer me range from water activities to best ice cream YUMMY!, from artisan-made arts to crafts. OH! how can I forget mentioning Whistler and Porteau Cove beautiful places for skiing, mountain zip-lining and the cable car to Blackcomb, hiking to go for white water rafting, etc.

There is a lot more to share but time is running, still not done with my packing. 

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